How to Get Free Laptop with EBT in 2024

How to Get Free Laptop with EBT

The EBT program, primarily known for providing food assistance to eligible low-income individuals and families, also paves the way for technological empowerment. Participants of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can extend their benefits beyond nutritional aid to include technological tools like laptops and internet connectivity.

This initiative is a crucial step towards bridging the digital divide, ensuring all members of society have equal opportunities to thrive in a digitally connected world.

5 Best Providers That Offer Free Laptop With EBT

Several programs and partnerships between government entities and private organizations have emerged to support this initiative. Among them, notable providers include:

  1. ConnectHome Program: Aiming to provide low-income households with laptops and internet access, particularly those in HUD-assisted housing.
  2. EveryoneOn Initiative: Offers affordable devices and internet services to low-income individuals, focusing on enhancing digital literacy.
  3. PCs For People: A non-profit organization that provides free or low-cost laptops and internet services to eligible low-income individuals.
  4. Human I-T: Participates in the ACP program, offering discounts on laptops and internet services to those who qualify.
  5. Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP): Federal initiatives that offer significant discounts on broadband services and devices.

Is it Possible to Get a Free Laptop With EBT?

Yes, it is entirely possible to obtain a free or heavily discounted laptop through EBT and associated programs. These initiatives are designed to ensure that financial constraints do not hinder access to education, employment opportunities, and essential services.

The eligibility criteria typically include being a recipient of SNAP benefits, with priority given to those who demonstrate a genuine need for technological resources for education or work.

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Bridging the Gap: State-Specific Opportunities

The availability of free or discounted laptops extends across various states, each offering unique programs tailored to their residents. Here are some highlights:

  • Free Tablet with EBT Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, NYC, Arizona, California, and Texas: These states participate in programs offering free tablets and laptops to SNAP recipients, emphasizing the importance of digital access across diverse regions.
  • Free WiFi Tablet with Food Stamps & Free Tablet EBT Program: Beyond laptops, these initiatives include free tablets, ensuring recipients have access to portable internet-enabled devices.
  • Does Safelink Offer Free Tablets?: Safelink, a provider under the Lifeline program, extends its offerings to include free tablets, underscoring the commitment to digital inclusion.
  • EBT Free Internet and Tablet & Free Tablet and Internet with EBT: These programs emphasize the importance of not just hardware but also connectivity, providing low-income families with the means to access the internet.

Detailed Guide on Finding Free Laptops With EBT in Your Area

  • Official Government Resources: Begin your search with government websites associated with the Lifeline Support and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). These platforms offer directories or lists of participating companies that provide technological assistance, including free or discounted laptops, to individuals on EBT.
  • EveryoneOn Platform: This non-profit organization bridges the digital divide by partnering with internet service providers and technology companies to offer affordable internet access and devices. By visiting EveryoneOn’s website and inputting your ZIP code, you can discover available offers in your locality tailored to low-income families, including those on EBT.
  • Local Non-Profits and Community Organizations: Organizations such as PCs for People and Human I-T have specific programs aimed at providing technology to those in need. They often have criteria that match EBT eligibility, offering refurbished laptops at low or no cost. Checking their websites or contacting them directly can provide information on application processes and eligibility.
  • Public Housing Agencies: For individuals living in HUD-assisted housing, ConnectHomeUSA initiatives might be available. These programs are designed to offer affordable technology solutions, including laptops, to residents, thereby enhancing educational and employment opportunities.
  • State-Specific Programs: Some states offer unique technology assistance programs that are not widely advertised. Checking with your state’s department of social services or equivalent can uncover these opportunities. They may have partnerships with tech companies or special grants for providing laptops to EBT recipients.

Top Providers of Free Laptops With EBT

  • PCs for People: Distinguished for its commitment to refurbishing technology, PCs for People extends its services to EBT recipients, offering them not just a laptop but a gateway to digital inclusion. Their programs are specifically designed to address the needs of low-income individuals, ensuring that the technology is both accessible and functional.
  • Human I-T: By offering discounted laptops and partnering with federal programs like the ACP, Human I-T plays a pivotal role in ensuring EBT recipients have the necessary technological tools for today’s digital world. Their approach not only includes providing devices but also ensuring recipients have access to affordable internet services.
  • ConnectHomeUSA: Through its targeted approach to residents of HUD-assisted housing, ConnectHomeUSA directly addresses the digital divide by facilitating access to digital tools and broadband. Their programs are tailored to empower communities with the technology necessary for educational and professional advancement.
  • EveryoneOn: Leveraging a nationwide network of partners, EveryoneOn makes it possible for low-income families to access affordable internet and devices, including laptops. Their platform is an invaluable resource for finding localized offers that align with the needs of EBT recipients.
  • Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP): These federal programs provide a foundational support system for telecommunications and internet service access. Through partnerships with various technology providers, they ensure that qualifying individuals, including those on EBT, have reduced-cost or free access to laptops and broadband services.

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The Importance of Free Laptops for EBT Recipients

  • Educational Opportunities: The digital age has transformed education, making online resources, digital textbooks, and e-learning platforms essential for academic success. For students from low-income families, a laptop can be the key to unlocking a wealth of knowledge and educational resources.
  • Employment Prospects: In the modern job market, many opportunities are found and applied for online. A laptop enables job seekers to search for jobs, submit applications, and participate in virtual interviews, expanding their employment possibilities beyond local opportunities.
  • Building Digital Skills: As society becomes increasingly digitized, digital literacy is crucial for both personal and professional development. A laptop allows individuals to learn and practice these skills, preparing them for a wide range of opportunities.
  • Accessing Essential Services: From managing EBT benefits online to accessing government services, healthcare information, and telemedicine services, a laptop serves as a vital link to essential services, ensuring that individuals can manage their health and welfare efficiently.
  • Enhancing Social and Community Engagement: A laptop provides a window to the world, enabling users to maintain social connections, access cultural content, and participate in community events, which is especially important in times of isolation or distance.

How Can I Get a Free Laptop With EBT?

Gaining access to a free laptop through an EBT card involves navigating through various government and non-profit programs designed to reduce the digital divide. The cornerstone of this initiative is the understanding that digital access is a stepping stone towards educational achievements, better employment opportunities, and improved quality of life.

Programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline have been pivotal in linking EBT participation to technological support, offering not just subsidized internet services but also devices like laptops and tablets to eligible households.

The eligibility verification process typically starts online, through platforms such as the National Verifier, ensuring that applicants meet the necessary criteria to benefit from these programs.

Where and How Can I Find a Company That Offers Free Laptops With EBT in My Area?

Securing a free laptop through EBT requires a proactive approach, starting with research and outreach to potential providers. Here’s a more detailed roadmap:

  • Utilize Federal Resources: Initiatives like the ACP and Lifeline are excellent starting points. Their websites often feature a provider lookup tool to find local companies participating in the program.
  • Engage with Local Non-Profits: Many community organizations, including libraries, educational institutions, and charities, either offer direct technological assistance or can guide you to local programs that do.
  • Direct Company Inquiries: Some tech companies have corporate social responsibility programs offering technology assistance to low-income communities. Inquiring directly can uncover unadvertised opportunities.
  • Explore Online Communities: Forums, social media groups, and community bulletin boards can be rich sources of information shared by individuals with firsthand experience in securing technology assistance.
  • Monitor Local Media: Stay informed through local newspapers, community newsletters, and local news channels for announcements related to technology assistance programs.

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The Best Companies That Offer Free Laptops With EBT

In 2024, several organizations stand out for their commitment to providing technology assistance to low-income families:

  • PCs for People: A pioneer in bridging the digital divide, offering refurbished technology and internet services at nominal costs to eligible participants.
  • EveryoneOn: Facilitates access to affordable internet and devices through partnerships with service providers and has a specific focus on serving low-income communities.
  • Human-I-T: This organization leverages the ACP to provide low-cost devices and free internet services, emphasizing the empowerment through digital inclusion.
  • ConnectHomeUSA: Targets residents of HUD-assisted housing to provide affordable technology and broadband access, alongside promoting digital literacy.

Why Would I Need a Free Laptop With EBT?

The necessity for a laptop for EBT recipients cannot be overstated, given its impact on several facets of life:

  • Education: From completing school assignments to accessing online learning platforms, a laptop is indispensable for students of all ages.
  • Employment: A laptop facilitates job searches, online applications, skill development through online courses, and even remote work opportunities.
  • Healthcare and Services: With many health services and social programs moving online, a laptop ensures individuals can manage their health care, apply for assistance, and access important information.
  • Communication: Staying connected with family, friends, and community services is crucial for personal well-being and social inclusion.


The initiative to provide free laptops with EBT in 2024 is a significant stride towards mitigating the digital divide. By offering essential technology to low-income families, these programs empower individuals to pursue educational opportunities, seek employment, and stay connected in an increasingly digital world. For those eligible for SNAP benefits, exploring these opportunities can be a transformative step towards digital empowerment and socio-economic advancement.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the purpose of providing free laptops with EBT?

The initiative aims to bridge the digital divide by ensuring low-income individuals and families have access to technology. This is crucial for educational opportunities, employment prospects, accessing essential services, and staying connected in a digitally-driven society.

Which programs offer free laptops to EBT recipients?

Notable programs include ConnectHome Program, EveryoneOn Initiative, PCs For People, Human I-T, Lifeline, and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Can I really get a free laptop with EBT?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to obtain a free or heavily discounted laptop through EBT and associated programs, designed to help those with financial constraints access technology for education and employment opportunities.

What are the eligibility criteria for getting a free laptop with EBT?

Eligibility typically includes being a recipient of SNAP benefits, with priority given to those demonstrating a genuine need for technological resources for education or work.

How can I find a free laptop with EBT in my area?

You can start by visiting government websites associated with the Lifeline Support and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), checking the EveryoneOn platform, contacting local non-profits and community organizations like PCs for People and Human I-T, and exploring state-specific programs.

Are there any state-specific opportunities for free or discounted laptops?

Yes, states like Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, NYC, Arizona, California, and Texas offer programs for free tablets and laptops to SNAP recipients, emphasizing digital access.

How do these programs impact EBT recipients?

They provide educational opportunities, enhance employment prospects, build digital skills, ensure access to essential services, and enhance social and community engagement by offering the necessary technology tools.

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?

The ACP is a federal initiative offering significant discounts on broadband services and devices to support low-income households’ access to the internet and digital tools.

How can I verify my eligibility for a free laptop with EBT?

The verification process typically starts online, through platforms such as the National Verifier, to ensure applicants meet the criteria for technology assistance programs.

Why is digital access important for EBT recipients?

Digital access is vital for accessing online education, finding and applying for jobs, managing health care and government services online, and staying connected with community and social networks, essential for overall well-being and socio-economic advancement.


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